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You can find help and guidance in our help center, via our chat-widget or you can book a video conference.


Can I transfer my website to Bricksite?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move an existing website to us. At Bricksite you get access to Bricksite Builder, which cannot be used directly with other platforms.

Isn't Wordpress cheaper?

Actually, no! At the end of the day, a Bricksite website quickly becomes cheaper to run than a Wordpress site. This is because you avoid the costs of themes, plugins, hosting, domains and security. Many also find that they save a lot of time and developer hours by building their website with Bricksite, because the most popular features are built into the platform.

Can I create an online shop with Bricksite?

Both and...

You cannot create a Bricksite-webshop. However, you can embed a third party solution from Amazon, Allibaba, eBay, and every other shop-platform, that offers embeddable shops.

Do you have a booking system?

We don't have a direct booking management feature, but we do have an embedding feature with our HTML/code module.

This way you can accept bookings from Facebook, Calendly or any other platform, and then collect bookings directly on Bricksite.

Do you have a phone number?

We do not offer telephone support, as much of our help is provided in the form of screenshots and tutorials. However, we are always ready to help either by email or via the support icon at the bottom right of the page.

Can you make my website for me?

We only make the tools for you to create your own website. We offer free support 7 days a week, so you can easily be helped if you experience challenges or have questions.

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