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Whether you want to show off your hobby or run a multi-national company, we've got the features you need

Lightning fast websites

Built for the modern web, Bricksite combines the speed of static website generation with the flexibility of dynamic rendering. In plain english, this means that your website will be faster than the speed of light.

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Stable delivery across the world

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. With Bricksite, your site will be served from more than 200 locations, which ensures fast and reliable delivery across the entire world.

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Never worry about SEO again

Get your website ranking on Google with little to no effort. Bricksite automatically finds recommendations for you, based on the keywords and phrases you want your website to show up on.

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Simple and easy pricing

Create your website - 100% for free. When you're ready to upgrade, we're ready for you.



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Connect your own domain name

  • Connect your own domains
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  • Unlimited blog posts
  • Host your own videos
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Send emails from your own domain

  • 5 GB Storage
  • Responsive webmail
  • Use your own email client with IMAP
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I use Bricksite every day to build websites for my clients. Bricksite makes it fast and easy for me as a webdesigner to run my business.

Charlotte Lassen

CEO / Web Designer -

Everything you need for your website

Whether you're running a blog or a website for your local business, we've got the features to help you get going.

Visual editor

Create your own website without having to do any coding! Our visual editor makes it fast and easy

Blogging on the go

Whether you’re at your computer or on your phone, Bricksite Blog will be available to you.

Privacy-focused analytics

Bricksite Analytics will help you identify which content performs well. 100% Anonymized!

Domain and DNS service

Register a new domain, or transfer an existing one to our nameservers. Free of charge!

Professional email on your domain

Get a hosted email solution on your own domain. Send professional emails to your clients!

Online store (Coming soon!)

Coming soon! Sell your products online using Bricksite E-Commerce.