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Nikoline Gilsaa

Nikoline Gilså - Urnesfoto.dk

"I chose Bricksite because they offered a user-friendly solution where I could easily build my UrnesFoto website in an afternoon. It was also a great help to be able to hold a free online video meeting in Danish, and get help to increase my visibility on Google, as well as to get feedback on my website's setup."

Elements used:

  • Images
  • CTA Buttons
  • Forms
  • Stylish design with a focus on the images and messages


Oliver Kondrup

Oliver kondrup - labcut.dk

"It was easy to get started on the platform, simple setup and a lot of different themes to choose from. You also get quick help and answers from support if you have any problems with anything. All in all, a very satisfied website LabCut has launched."

Elements used:

  • Images
  • CTA Buttons
  • Forms
  • Hover-effects
  • Shadows


Christian Larsen

Christian Larsen - winduen.dk

''After a major search, we chose to work with Bricksite for our website.

We have built our very own website from scratch, by just trying us out - It shows how straightforward Bricksite is. With our website, we reach our customers professionally and if we have had the smallest questions, we have received answers within a short time. The service we experience from Bricksite is without a doubt one we greatly appreciate.

Our design at Bricksite is chosen based on the fact that we focus on getting as much information as possible without it being too much or too boring - at Bricksite we do not experience limitations on how we can design it based on the individual needs we were looking for. The ability to create a contact form is also an added bonus."

Elements used:

  • Images
  • CTA Sections
  • Buttons with call-to and mail-to functionality
  • Forms


Nina O'Farrell

Nina o'farrell - ninaofarrell.dk

"I am a music teacher and wanted to create a simple website that clearly expresses what I can help people with. I've been very happy with using Bricksite - it's been a fairly easy process to create the website - and I'm pleased with the result.

In time, I would like to further develop my website with videos and blogs, but it's really nice to be able to make a website that works in all its simplicity. And I have only experienced good customer service."

Elements used:

  • Images
  • Image Effects
  • Testimonials
  • Forms


Astrid Kreiler

Astrid Kreiler - kreiler.dk

"I have chosen to build my website in Bricksite because it is easy to use and the design options are many.

In addition, they are really good at helping in customer service - if you have a problem you can't find the solution to. They respond quickly and help you so you can get on with the work."

Elements used:

  • CTA-Button Sections
  • Images
  • Image-effects
  • Integrated booking system (3rd party)


Mette Seneca Jensen

Mette Seneca - senecasaloner.dk

"Super good help and advice. Easy system to work in and their service is sharp and personal - they know pretty quickly what kind of person they are sitting across from and that is so important.

It's super easy to just throw yourself into it, and then it's actually really fun. The tools are quite intuitive and if something goes wrong, which does happen - they are ready to help and it's a great feeling that hey they are no longer than a click away if I call for help."

Elements used:

  • Use of bright contrasting colors in the style of the brand
  • Images
  • CTA-Buttons
  • Email-to Buttons


Karsten Kjaer

Karsten Kjær - ejbyherreklub.dk

It's a real thrill for me to use Bricksite. I am both an entrepreneur and an association man, but I have never tried to build websites myself, I have paid my way out of that, with all the effort and hassle that comes with it.

With Bricksite's solution, I have built websites for my company and so far one of the associations I am chairman of. It has been so easy and the service has been really good.

I can neither code nor work in HTML, but I don't have to with Bricksite. I just have to deliver content - which is now easier with the built-in AI bot and all the free images and themes. The big advantage for me is that I can update the websites easily and quickly myself."

Elements used:

  • Fixed backgrounds by scroll
  • Shadows on elements
  • Images
  • Forms


Olivia Binggeli

Olivia Bingelli - oliviabinggeli.dk

"Through Bricksite I have created a website that gives insight into my artistic universe that I use for my online portfolio. It has been a good and easy process, as I could find inspiration using the various templates for the website structure."

Elements used:

  • Great pictures create color and life
  • Button Sections
  • CTA Sections
  • Social Icons
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