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Bricksite, established in 2005, is a Danish and European-founded website platform with a global presence. Our primary mission is to bring websites to the people, making website design and development a breeze for everyone. We believe that anyone should be able to launch a website, no matter their technical expertise.

Our platform sets itself apart from competitors by focusing on usability and user experience. With support available 7 days a week, we aim to help you build a website from start to finish with ease. We prioritize the features that 99% of the market needs, without overloading our platform with unnecessary plugins or advanced functionalities. This approach ensures that our platform is not prone to viruses, hacking, or other issues that arise from third-party code. Plus, we offer a free plan to make getting started accessible for everyone.

Bricksite is designed for regular people, small businesses run by 1-5 people, and first-time website users. With over 125,000 satisfied users to date, we are proud to have made a positive impact in the online world. Our core values include transparency, a no-bullshit approach, treating everyone as equally important, and supporting those who wish to start an online business with low costs.

Our small but dedicated team of 10 employees is the backbone of Bricksite. Each member contributes their unique skills and expertise to the company, ensuring the delivery of a high-quality platform that empowers users to create stunning websites. Join us at Bricksite and experience the future of website creation.

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